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Staff Directory


Photo of Myrna Dembicki

Myrna Dembicki

Assistant Principal

Photo of Elaine Garner

Elaine Garner


Administrative Assistant

Photo of Cherie Snider

Cherie Snider

Family School Liaison Counsellor

Photo of Karen Manzer

Karen Manzer


Teachers - Elementary

Photo of Sarah Amatto

Sarah Amatto

Photo of Becca Bennett

Becca Bennett

Photo of Brandie Fast

Brandie Fast

Grade 1A

Photo of Tammy Gregory

Tammy Gregory

Grade 3B

Photo of Roy Lach

Roy Lach

Gym & Art

Photo of Carol Lach

Carol Lach

Grade 1B

Photo of Lesley Margetak

Lesley Margetak

Grade 2B

Photo of AnneMarie Neudorf

AnneMarie Neudorf


Photo of Lenore Tarcon

Lenore Tarcon

Grade 2A

Teachers - Kindergarten

Photo of Kara Kulak

Kara Kulak

K1 & K2

Early Learning Program

Photo of Meagan Morency

Meagan Morency


Support Staff

Photo of Kaori Aindow

Kaori Aindow

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Jolie Anctil

Jolie Anctil

Photo of Connie Arbuckle

Connie Arbuckle

Educational Assistant

Photo of Bernice Dunbar

Bernice Dunbar

Educational Assistant

Photo of Nicole Ginther

Nicole Ginther

Educational Assistant

Photo of Laurie Lowe

Laurie Lowe

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Kana Miklos

Kana Miklos

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jennifer Myke

Jennifer Myke

Educational Assistant

Photo of Michele Pitt

Michele Pitt

Educational Assistant

Photo of Alison Sandilands

Alison Sandilands

Educational Assistant

Custodial Staff

Photo of Tia Colucci

Tia Colucci


Photo of Shirley Graham

Shirley Graham

Head Custodian

Photo of Ashllee Graham

Ashllee Graham