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School Supplies for 2021-2022

There are two options for purchasing school supplies again this year.

1. See the list below, shop for and purchase the supplies required.

2. Follow the instructions from School start and purchase the appropriate grade bundle. (links below). 

For either option, the lists of supplies are the same - provided by the teachers.


If you would like to shop for and purchase your own supplies, please click on the link below for a school supply list for grades K-3.

HAS School Supplies List 2021-2022

If you would like to purchase the supplies bundle through School Start, click on the appropriate grade link below.

School Start Supplies - Kindergarten

School Start Supplies - Grade 1

School Start Supplies - Grade 2

School Start Supplies - Grade 3


Kindergarten Calendar

Kindergarten Calendar 2021-2022 Revised Sept 7, 2021

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