Every student, every day.

Assessment + Reporting

Report cards are one of the several ways of sharing student progress.

  • Three written report cards are issued to students throughout the year.
  • Student led conferences are scheduled in late September as intake interviews in order to share information with the classroom teacher.
  • Two more conference times are scheduled following the first and second report cards.

These conferences are celebrations of learning, and students will be actively involved in participating in them. All families are encouraged to participate in these conferences.

  • It is strongly encouraged that if your child is experiencing struggles in one or more areas of school to maintain close contact with teachers throughout the year, in order to maintain good communication and help in supporting your child to have a successful year. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher any time they have questions or concerns about his/her progress.
  • Assessment is based on the Alberta Education Program of Studies Curriculum, and can be composed of tests, quizzes, checklists, rubrics, journal entries, teacher anecdotal comments and student portfolios. 
  • Students with special needs, and students requiring modifications to their programs have an IPP (Individualized Program Plan) developed in conjunction with the classroom teacher, learning support teacher, parents and, when appropriate, students.


LRSD Academic And Responsible Learner Rubrics