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School Council

Meet our Parent Council Board

Chairperson:  Mallory Banting

Vice Chairperson: Melissa Martin

Secretary: Alisha Reil

Treasurer:  Sarah Fulton

Email Contact: hasparentcouncil@gmail.com


Volunteers Needed!

A) We are looking for volunteers to help with Horace Allen's recycling program. Volunteers are asked to:

1) Click this link and use the time slots to sign up for a week: Horace Allen Parent Council: Horace Allen Recycling Pick-up (signupgenius.com)

2) Choose any time that week to stop by the school and pick-up the recycling (paper, cardboard, plastic and tin). You can check in at the office upon arrival and Cherie will show you where the recycling is located. 

3) Take it to any of the municipal recycling centers for sorting (locations - Recycling: Crowsnest Pass).

4) Bask in the warm glow of knowing that you're helping our school and our environment! Look at you go!


B) Every year HAS staff value your help with photocopying, laminating, cutting, etc. This usually only takes an hour or two a week. If you are interested please sign up using the link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0E4EABAB28AAFFC43-44639033-parent, whether its a one time thing you can do, once a month or weekly your help is appreciated! Please call the office 403-563-3998 the day before you come in so Cherie can remind teachers to bring their work down to the workroom.  If you have any questions please contact Mallory at hasparentcouncil@gmail.com or Cherie  sniderc@lrsd.ab.ca.


Thank you for supporting our school!

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